Monday, October 1, 2012

About US

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About Us
Knowledge group is a group of IT professionals (who has more then 8-10 years experience in IT sector). We have decided to help others by providing some helpful tips and tricks in the following way :-

            In the world of technology, everyone wants to get maximum knowledge of computer, but by the reason of lack of time and proper resources we or most of peoples can’t get it. By keeping this issue in mind, we are trying to make it (Computer Tips and Tricks) reachable to everyone through this blog, who can use Internet on PC or Mobiles. We will try to post at least one information (in both languages Hindi and English) in this blog.

            We always most welcome of your suggestions and support to keep continue this blog.

            All of you can post your comments in the widow of comments on every blog bottom side, which will be viewable to everyone.
If you have some important tips and tricks, you can mail us at with the subject starts from suggestions. Your information will be published on our blog with your Name and E-Mail ID provided it is relevant and useful to others.

            If you are agree with the information provided in this blog, kindly help us to promote this blog by sharing it and if you are not agree or unsatisfied with information provided in this blog you can let us know on our email id with subject starts from complaints.


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